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We believe every child is unique and so should be our approach.

"Children learn in a variety of ways —through experience, making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking and reflecting, and expressing oneself in speech, movement or writing—both individually and with others. They require opportunities of all these kinds in the course of their development." 
~ NCERT, Central education board


Children learn in an environment where they are valued and motivated. We have converted our classrooms into learning spaces keeping that in mind. Each learning space has various corners for reading, discussion, experimenting and learning. This helps our children to develop a friendly bonding with their fellow learners and also with the teaching facilitator removing undue pressures and fears. This also creates an interest and curiosity towards learning. While the library corner helps further their knowledge, the activity corner gives them an opportunity to practically experiment what they had learned and the discussion corner engages them to share their view points, thus creating the interest in the concepts and subjects that they learn.



The children go through 3 phases, the foundation (KG to 1st Grade), formation (2nd to 7th grade) and finish (8th grade and above). While the foundation and finish are more of fundamentals and fine-tuning respectively, the formation phase of learning generally fluctuates with the child. Hence we have SAG (same age group) for the foundation as well as for the finish while we have MAG (Mixed Age Group) for the formation.



Each of us has a style, a method to do things that comes naturally to us. This is true when it comes to learning too. We assess each child to understand their core intelligence (Multiple Intelligence) and employ learning strategies(auditory,visual,bodily-kinesthetic) for them to learn comfortably and thoroughly.

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