We believe every child has a pace in learning and they progress. We also believe our curriculum should work for the child and not vice versa.

"What we want... is for students to get more interested in things, more involved in them, more engaged in wanting to know; to have projects that they can get excited about and work on over long periods of time, to be stimulated to find things out on their own."
~ Howard Gardner


Our IIMBE (Indian Institute of Mind, Brain and Education, a R & D unit of Lourduraj Education Research Foundation) core team has charted out a roadmap of what needs to be learned in terms of concepts from start (KG) to end (High School) for each subject. This roadmap is a consolidation of the Various boards in India(Samacheer, CBSE,ICSE).


Based on the Big Picture, a detail plan covering all the topics under each concept are elaborated. In order to match with a child's capacity and intelligence, at times we take a step down and at times we step up. We call this step up and step down, paces or levels. We have 3 paces or levels in each of these stages.


We have base level workbooks for every topic in each concepts. Apart from workbooks we use flash cards and more.

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